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December 27, 2013
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TOME: Webmaster by Kirbopher15 TOME: Webmaster by Kirbopher15
Username: Webmaster
Location: Washington, US
Class: Spellcaster
Power: Heavenly Light
Special Techniques:
Heaven's Pillar - The user targets a grounded area and then brings down a powerful beam of light.
Asteroid Rain - The user summons a series of asteroids that rain down and crushes any opponents within their blast radius.
God Hand - The user's hands become disconnected and transform into giant palms for wider-range physical attacks.

Webmaster hasn't changed much in personality compared to his old TTA counterpart, but more so in his role. Originally, after an encounter with Alpha and company towards the end of TTA's first season, Webmaster and his fellow programmers became close friends with Alpha and company, acting as a wise collection of Councillors to them. They later enlisted a few of the main characters to aide them on important missions, even though it meant putting people in danger...

Webmaster was always meant to be a relatively down-to-Earth guy, well-mannered and calm, but also very passionate. He and his team of programmers from Netking Software worked incredibly hard on making TOME a game that all people from around the world can enjoy. His goal is all about letting creativity run wild for everyone in a way that's fair but satisfying for all, so that players who creatively clever in tandem with developing their skill are rewarded for their careful thoughts. In this version of the story, I wanted to better illustrate Webmaster to be a figure of great respect to all who play TOME. In TTA we were very quickly introduced to him without ever getting a great sense of who he was. This time around, I made sure he was mentioned early on, in an almost foreboding way, and then finally revealed in a very positive light, yet still with an air of mystery. His interview with Anneva in particular was meant to be a very rare sort of delve into the creator's mind; something that the players of TOME hadn't gotten the chance to often hear about until long after the game was released to the public. Also, interesting fact, Webmaster was originally intended to be the "System Voice" that opens up the very first episode, as well as the one who says "BATTLE...ON!". There was even a small audition held, before I went in a different direction and ultimately had Kyle Hebert take on the character for the two Gemini Tournament episodes.
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Eienias20 Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm still wondering if the Netkings are a thing. In the original there were...5? 6? 7? wow it's been so long I can't remember but Zetto was a member, given the ending I'm assuming Zetto is not a Netking in this version...but that's just an assumption

Loved seeing this new Webmaster and can't wait for more (but I will!) no release complaints from this guy!
I just noticed, his design kinda looks like an angelic chess piece or something.
WaveShock3r Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
One of my favorite characters on the show. Awesome design btw.
alright boffer man, I'm gonna watch these six episodes i've been missing. WHOOSH!
Man, I've been wondering for ages what this guy would be like. Glad I guessed correctly that he wouldn't be mean. While I certainly guessed his personality somewhat wrong (imagine a guy who goes from being Puck to Owen from Gargoyles when he wants), I got that he created TOME for the enjoyment of others correct.
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