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December 4, 2011
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TOME: Kirbopher by Kirbopher15 TOME: Kirbopher by Kirbopher15
Username: Kirbopher
Location: Unknown, US
Class: Swordsman
Power: Enchanted Sword
Special Techniques:
Spin Slash - An aerial cutting attack in which the user spins rapidly into a powerful cut. This technique can be turned into a Shockwave upon finishing.
Ice Knives - A projectile attack where a swarm of sharp icicles spread out from a slash of the user’s weapon.
Dust Tornado - A slow, but forceful projectile attack that can entrap the opponent and allows for a swift follow-up combo.
Shockwave - A powerful attack that travels along the ground and trips up the opponent upon impact.

As the name implies, Kirb is based on myself, of course. When I was originally conceptualizing TOME, I knew ahead of time I wanted Mike (Alpha) to be the “star” of the story. Kirb’s personality was simply an exaggerated version of my own; very spazzy, a bit angry and hungry for what he wants with no patience for small talk. Also, as many are aware, his original design was literally a white Kirby with a green Link cap. This design was not out of originality, but rather the first thing I thought of when coming up with a design based off of screennames, as well as before I discovered video game character “recolors” were the bane of internet existence. In the original series’ storyline, Kirbopher was also obsessed with trying to stop the hackers and was almost the unofficial “leader” of the resistance before Alpha shows up. This time, I went a bit of a different route…

Kirbopher’s personality has probably changed the least compared to the original, as evidenced by keeping myself as his voice performer as well. From a design standpoint, I opted for his “imp” design as opposed to the unoriginal albino Kirby he once was. This design was, oddly enough, drawn LONG before the original TTA started, but I was forced to go with the Kirby design mainly due to sprite editing limitations. Several years ago, when I decided to ditch the stigmatic “15” in my name and switch to the new design, I’ll admit at first I wasn’t too enthused. Kirbopher was, for a while, just a placeholder for Chris Frost from BALANCING ACT before I was comfortable with revealing its existence to the world. After some time passed and I had touched up his design to look a bit more tattered (like a trouble-making thief) I grew to like it a whole lot! As far as his role in the story goes, I plan on giving him a lot more development and emotional layers this time around. Surprisingly, part of this was from my choice to not only dis-include him from the resistance against the hackers, but to have him be very uncaring about it. Kirb’s purpose on TOME is to have fun, not to get involved in time-wasting drama. Alpha, who grows to be one of his closest friends, understands and respects that, giving him the attention he craves in the form of constant battles. The two of them have a fun dynamic separate from the main plot involving the hackers and viruses…and that friendship of theirs will soon be jumped through hoops of fire.
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FredFlakes Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
American-Loner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
One word. AWESOME!!!!!
just watched episode 10 and now i am 100% sure that Kirb and Zetto are the same person
Y0shisRelic Nov 29, 2013
just watched episode 9 and came to a thought maybe Zetto and Kirb are the same person cause zetto is just another character based on u and he kinda looks like u
Darkrai1223 Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
OMG!!! Kirbopher!!!
I hear your...pretty famous... well well see about that! ehehehee.... IM NEW SO UM....HOW DO I MAKE FACE's ON THIS THING?! Kirb?! Do you HEAR ME?!
UpcomingShadow4789 Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really need to know what you use to make these, seriously, I DO
GreenMute Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I enjoy you TOME episodes. I hope you do more so soon in the future.

I've made a art of your 'Kirbopher' because I like him. Lots of fun from your fan! ~<3 [link]
Just stared watching tome on YouTube the other day and love it. So far Kirboper is my fav he so funny
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