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United States
Current Residence: New York City
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Orchestral
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Favourite cartoon character: Yusuke Urameshi, Megaman, Taz, Bowser, Simba/Kimba
2014's off to a decent start. I've had some personal up's and down's, contending with personal issues mainly centered on being too hard on myself. Trying to work through that self-created pressure and find a new peaceful center. There's a lot of changes I need to make this year that I won't go into publicly yet, but I'm sure people've been curious as to what I've been up to.

It's funny, I remember in Elementary school I had a short-lived dream about wanting to run a TV channel with cartoons on it. I gave that dream up because I realized I was more interested in telling stories through shows; so far TOME and my work before it has been the closest thing to being able to live that out. I've kept up on releasing TOME videos every Thursday since the year began.

In tandem with that, I've also been releasing commentary versions of the full episode videos exclusively to the TOME official website. At the moment, the first three have been released alongside the corresponding 3 episodes on the website in the commentaries section (on a dropdown bar on the "episodes" tab).

Going back to the "TV Channel" dream, I've managed to keep up the pace with releasing updates every week to my "Kirblog" videos. For better or worse, I pride myself on honesty and have tried to produce something that's very "me" in terms of my opinions. That said, I've also tried to keep them relatively positive in subject material as to not make the videos a bummer for people - maybe something to look forward to. Here's a recent favorite of mine:

They've been releasing every Tuesday and Saturday consistently since a little after January started. In addition, I've just released the first episode of a new show idea for my channel that I might try to relegate to Tuesdays from here on out. Inspired by the format of "Did You Know Gamin?" from NormalBoots, I'm finally putting my years of voice acting trivia to use.

"Did You Know Voice Acting?" has done pretty well in its first couple days of being up and I've written a total of 8 episodes in the past week. I've also nearly finished a couple more episodes, but I'm also working out some details. Either way, people seem to be interested in the content, so this is something easy to produce that I might try and have in there weekly, if possible.

I've also had my hand in a few more projects, but can't fully go into any of them yet. I put a cap on a new potential series I'm pitching with some other folks that provided the writing, I'm helping with some further kickstarter-related projects again and still looking for freelance work wherever available. That and I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on other things - as soon as I can actually talk about any of this stuff, I'll let you all know.

Lastly, as I'm just remembering now, the Alpha release of "A Hat in Time" has just dropped. I provided the casting and voice-direction on Apphia Yu as "Hat Kid", Eileen Montgomery as "Mustache Girl" & "Queen Vanessa" and Jon Jafari as the "Moon Penguins". All of these characters and more can be heard in the game's Alpha build, so go pick up a copy!

More details on everything else, soon. Stick with me, folks.


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Do you take requests for Did you know Voice Acting?
I have a suggestion for Season 2 of TOME; Why don't you create a new character who's part of the Animalistic class, albeit a character who acts as a anti-hero?
I hope you know it's going to be hard to talk to him
Yeah, I suppose. But, who knows? Maybe he might get the message, maybe not.
coolbreeze88 Apr 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
nice to know you have a deviant art account. I would message direct on youtube but im in a bit of disagreement with Google and their god forsaken google plus.

so I watched all ten episodes of tome and oh my lord I have never seen anything so orginal, so ambitious, and cyberpunk in my life.

what really caught me by surprise was the portrayal of hackers as all bad and the designated bad guys of the show. if theirs one thing that kills a series philosophically it would be black and white morality.

I have met many hackers in my day. especially when playing call of duty and they infact enhance the experience. I mean who wouldn't want infinite ammo, rapid fire, and super jumping during a zombie match. fun as hell. im also used to hackers being heroes because I grew up watching shows like "the matrix" and "gamer"

what I'm trying to say is that their are three types:

the white hat- the heroic hacktivist/ firewall testers. these types are ironically payed money by the same corporations who despise them to test their systems integrity.

the grey hat- lies somewhere in the middle. they never attempt anything too illegal or ambitious but at the same time still fight for the common man as hacktivists if leaning more on the white side.

anonymous falls within this category

The Black hat: these are the hackers you think your depicting right. wrong. rockoon and doubling count only as petty grey hats at best because the only reason they hack is to have fun blowing things up so they are affably evil no scatch that their more or less chaotic neutral in the standard DnD alignment.

which is why I root for rockoon and the hackers, their true rebels and most of my closest friends are hackers and cyber pirates. so yeah I'm kind of pulling a "draco in leather pants" on this one. to me a little bit of friendly neighborhood hacking is just so damn fun when done without malice.

black hats on the other hand are 10 times as dangerous as them as they perform the utmost evil acts. hacking into bank accounts, stealing social security numbers, credit card information, bit coins, your identity. these are the true cyber terrorists as they are even capable of hacking into and melting down nuclear facilities (Iran). their so dangerous that the FBI and the CIA have whole separate departments dedicated for dealing with cybercrime and cyber-terrorism perpetrated by them.

OMG nylocke shut up!!! you annoying tea slurping british nance. your boisterous nature is not funny its annoying. shut up and take a chill pill sheesh.

the animation is A grade for something you animated yourself. the fight scenes are fluid.

the story is your typical lackluster "lets train and make our musles bigger so we can compete with these guys with bigger muscles" that im all too familiar with in DBZ.

well that's the story as it is now but that could change in season 2. sense you already have the entire story written out any suggestion I have will just fall on deaf ears.

I was going to say that the show should cover deeper and more philisopical topics such as: is the virtual reality realm of tome eating our soul or making us feel more alive, whats to stop your mind itself from getting hacked when your jacked in, does the game hurt or do they just pretend it hurts, does anonymous get involved, and if you really want to make the show cyberpunk make it so the reason people jack in and play tome is to escape the crapsack world on the outside with rampant pollution, crime, and government corruption.

oh I'm exiting myself just typing out these ideas.

 If you need help I can help you with basic stuff such as tweening and digital coloring and shading. perfects sketch out a few background characters.

I'll work with you for free. your welcome

I also have a few characters you could cameo if you wanted. I also am an avid Fl sudio musician with a couple songs already under my belt.

WOW I had a lot to spill at you. reply back to this review/ request to participate anytime. ill be waiting ;D.

WE ARE ANONYMOUS.... nahh just joking. the only thing I can hack is a bad lunch.
I feel that I have to tell you that online hacking in games ALWAYS has consequences on other players. Let me give you a few examples from how hackers ruin PAYDAY 2.

1: Because I have my level maxed out (legitimately), people often kick me from their games because too many hackers cheated their levels to maximum with a single click, and they immediately assume that I am a hacker. All of my hard work not only goes unrecognized, but harms my ability to join others.

2: Being a co-op game, hackers make the game so ridiculously easy that it's not even a game any more. It becomes a "stare at a 3D environment for a few minutes" program.

3: Hackers make it so others gain an instant ton of experience points and money so they can level up in an instant. Because of that, too many people who have high levels, whom you count on to know what they're doing, hardly know a thing about the game, getting everyone killed very quickly.

It's fine if you want to cheat offline, but when you take that stuff online, these are the kinds of detrimental effects hacks have. Obviously, they ruin fun in competitive games too, as the opponents of the hacker(s) have zero chance of winning, thereby removing the "game" from the game. If you concentrate only on how hacking makes the game fun for YOU, you lose sight of how it takes the fun away from others who expect the default rules to be in play.
coolbreeze88 Apr 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
but what about hacker groups like anonymous. they fight to for our rights and stick it too the man were it hurts most. you omitted the hacktivists in your counter argument.

i'm not just talking about hackers in gaming but hacking and hackers in general. but yeah for sure there are some nutjobs out there who just want wreak havoc.

to be honest I don't care if the hack makes the game easy. it an awesome feeling when you know the zombies/aliens etc. cant touch you and you can mow them down in an instant while flying around like superman. YOU FEEL GODLIKE AND IM ADDICTED TO IT!!

hackers can be outright heroes. just look at "The Matrix","Gamer", or most other cyberpunk flicks. their hacking skills save the day against overbearing systems of control and deceit perpetrated by evil mega corporations ( sounds like a international ISP monopoly to me and it is a known fact their in cohoots with netking. whats to stop them from taking over the world using TOME as a tool for mind control and bread and circuses).

There should be some sort of role reversal episode somewhere down the line. with rockoon and doubling cast as reluctant and snarky antiheroes. while what used to be the main 5 protaganists now depicted as annoying, arrogant, egotistic, and elitist (nylocke being to most annoying of the bunch).

now that's character development my dear friend.

that would not not only send a much needed system shock to the status quo. but open up the possibility of redemption for the hackers as they reform and become white hats.

because really when you break it down theirs really no true right or wrong. we have idealistic lawfuls on one side and cynical chaotics on the other. the conflict is never between good and evil but between the Pramatists who do what they must to gain the upper hand and free themselves from external authority and conservatives who think they are doing the right thing but chances are their being mislead and used for someone elses gain like chess pieces.

oh wouldent that be shocking twist. the webmaster being the true villain pulling the stings all along in his goal for world domination and being a front used to rally players around said goals.

hugh. I guess me and rockoon have more in common then I thought.... awkward. but at the same time I should co-write this show. well can I?
I find your points about hacking outside of the context of gaming are valid. There are, indeed, corrupt corporations that should be fought against, and hacking, to me, is a valid form of fighting that corruption.

Also, I neglected to mention that aside from single player hacking, multiplayer hacking is okay as long as it's done with a group of friends who are okay with it. Being confined within a circle of acceptance has no negative impact.

However, my point about hacking in online games with random people still stands. People feel so "godlike and addicted", as you put it, that they don't give a crap if others want to play the game's intended difficulty and rules. It's selfishness incarnate, taking control of others' venue of fun without permission. Is it really so wrong for people to want to play online games in hacker-free environments?
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KoreeluStromboli Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Kirbopher; I'm liking your new photo of your deviantID! :-)
Great artwork, also, TOME is awesome!
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