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Balancing Act 2012-2017 Doodle Dump

HEYYY…so here’s some stuff!

Those of you who’ve never seen my 2011 SVA thesis film “Balancing Act”, go check that out. Super-long-story-short, it’s my “magnum opus” IP that I really wanna do something with someday. Alternatively, it’s that “I made this in Elementary School and created a bunch of characters based on me and my friends and wanted to make my own animu idea that usually goes nowhere and has been in development for 20+ years while I work on other/newer/better ideas” IP. Y’know, one of those. You probably see ‘em on DeviantArt and Tumblr all the fucking time; hence why I don’t really post stuff about it online much these days. That said, posting this art here isn’t a confirmation that something’s happening with it. I’d just stocked up SO many doodles and sketches I felt like putting them out there eventually. Some of these date back as far as 2012 and this isn’t even half of them since I have plenty from various sketchbooks I’ve never scanned.

“What the fuck is this shit, Kirb!?” WELL KIDS, it’s the adventures of self-insert-I-wish-I-was-a-superhero-character and his friends as they go through their trials and tribulations of forming a makeshift superhero team and fight bad guys and learn valuable life lessons about being different, self-acceptance, dealing with deep personal issues and eating healthy or some bullshit. It’s gone through countless re-iterations as I’ve grown and learned and expanded my life views. I want it to be a story that’s really deeply impactful and meaningful, but it’s not something I’m ready to do yet. I need to get better at all aspects of film-making and storytelling. There’s a lot of basic things about “what am I saying?” regarding the story that haven’t been fully fleshed out. Might be years before I ever get to that point; or maybe I never will. Who knows. But once in a while, I’ll draw these four kids and experiment around with shit.

“Frost” (the skinny fuck who looks like ani-’me’) has various blue and white hoodies, is generally awkward (I made him way too “””cool””” in the thesis film; I was emulating Yusuke Urameshi’s sarcastic attitude) and a massive fuck-up (JUST LIKE ACTUAL-ME, HEYYY) and I’ve spent the last year on the story side of things researching a lot about various mental illnesses and how to apply them to him in ways that benefit his development as part of a team he fits into (or not).

“Ilaqua” was previously the character based on (and who looked like) Mike Luckas, that I decided…now I think well over 3 years ago, to change to a girl. I debated back and forth which character to switch (because I wanted two guys and two girls on the main cast) and thought about changing the Earth-elemental guy, but decided to gamble on tossing her in with the many, many Water-elemental girls. (a.k.a. I felt it was easier to differentiate Girl!Mike from the likes of Katara and Korra than seeing Girl!Nick get more-easily compared to Toph.) Mike helped me re-design her (which was also tricky to make sure she wasn’t too similar to Grace Liu’s Enna) and “Mikaela” has become one of my favorite characters to draw.

“Nico” (now re-named in tribute to TwistedGrimTV) is mostly the same. Honestly, getting a hat shape with him that I don’t despise has been my biggest difficulty with him. I also wanna try giving him way more exaggerated anatomy (something like Sajad Gharibi); a body he’d be picked on for having even though he’s not violent at all by nature (he’s actually meant to be more paranoiac and anxious), nor is he “the big dumb one”.

“Kathy” is also mostly the same, but there’s been some minor things I keep trying to fix with her design that I can’t quite get right. I wanted to go more gothic with her choice of fashion, which lent itself to her mysterious demeanor. My biggest aggravation is finding a hair-shape that isn’t a pain in my asshole. It’s evolved a lot from the Rumiko Takahashi-style cut, but I’m still not happy with any particular shape yet.

I also had some help from Mike Luckas and Xander Mobus on trying to design some practical, yet “we have no money or resources to get really efficient ones” superhero costumes. Most of their superhero nicknames (invented by Frost, which the new TMNT beat me to the punch on with Michelangelo’s nicknames for the bad guys, whoops.) are still WIP. Currently I like “Cardice” for Frost and “Landlord” for Mantel. Previously Ilaqua was “Firefighter” and Kathy was “Brightside” but those both may change; they might all change. Hell, ALL of this might change in 15-20-30 years from now if this ever gets made.

On that note, I GREATLY appreciate all the interest in it! I’ve had many folks from time to time ask if I ever plan on doing something more with this concept. It is my every intention to someday; in fact I THINK about it every day. Maybe I’ll do it as a movie, maybe it’ll still be a series like I originally thought, or maybe somehow it’ll be a game or something. Maybe it’ll be none of those things. Maybe it’ll be a hologram projected directly into your brain stem. Who the fuck knows. Here’s a bunch of drawings about it. Enjoy. Or not.

New Years Eve Commission Swarm
Decided to do a commission stream on my birthday for a few hours! I received over 50 gracious commissions from all of you and I had a ton of fun doing them!

Check out the streams we did for them here and here!
TOMEvember 2016
Continuing the trend of Inktober X Voiceoctover of drawing a character every day and in celebration of the 5-year anniversary of Terrain of Magical Expertise, I decided to draw a TOME character for every day of the month! I also tried doing some limited color palette stuff in order to differentiate it. I also really enjoyed doing the symbols and roman numerals for this month. Thanks so much for your support, everyone!!

Click here to check out the roman numeral and symbol designs too!
TOME: Finale Poster
A special poster featuring much of the series' central characters that I created a year and a half ago, in celebration of the final episode's release! You can purchase it, along with plenty of other awesome TOME merchandise from Level Up Studios!

Also this week, we'll be releasing a TOME-themed "Did You Know Voice Acting?" video, an ALL-NEW Animated Short that takes place after the end of the series...and on Saturday the 12th, we'll be doing a very special marathon stream raising money for Child's Play! All the details right here!


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Current Residence: New York City
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Orchestral
Operating System: Windows XP
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Favourite cartoon character: Yusuke Urameshi, Megaman, Taz, Bowser, Simba/Kimba
As always, QUITE a bit to talk about!

First off and most importantly, I've finally decided to take a stab at crowdfunding, specifically for a second season on my webseries, TOME! I'm looking to raise $15000 to create a total of 6 Episodes. At the time I'm posting this, we've already raised over a 3rd of the target budget thanks to the gracious folks who have donated in the last few days!


I'm SUPER grateful for the amazing support we've gotten so far. The rewards we're offering seem to be enticing enough, with the promise of a background character cameos, voice requests from many of the show's characters and an exclusive t-shirts! Just as a head's up, I'll be doing a Kirblog for tomorrow making some general announcements regarding my YouTube channel, as well as covering some basic info about the crowdfunding campaign, so if any of y'all have questions, I can certainly give some answers when I record it! Lemme know your thoughts and I'll provide support in any way I can! Sunday we'll also be starting the first of a five eBay auctions for background character cameos that have speaking lines! Keep an eye on the GoFundMe page for updates, but here's the basic schedule:

(ALL Auctions Start/End at 3 PM EST. Dates subject to change!)
SLOT #1 - Begins Sunday, May 4th/ Ends Wednesday, May 7th
SLOT #2 - Begins Wednesday, May 7th/ Ends Saturday, May 10th
SLOT #3 - Begins Saturday, May 10th/ Ends Tuesday, May 13th
SLOT #4 - Begins Tuesday, May 13th/ Ends Friday, May 16th
SLOT #5 - Begins Friday, May 16th/ Ends Monday, May 19th

Regarding some of the other stuff I'll be talking about on the Kirblog tomorrow, I've been keep consistent with updating my YouTube channel 4 times a week for quite a while now! First of all, my unofficial spin-off of "Did You Know Gaming?" has now reached almost 10 episodes!

"Did You Know Voice Acting?" has been fantastic, fun and easy to produce. I've got plenty more in the works, including three particular installments this month that all nicely coincide with each other; more on that tomorrow. Thursdays, I've mainly been updating with "re-runs" of TOME Episodes and Shorts, but I've also been adding in these fun little Anime-style "Next Episode" previews at the ends of each one. Also, with the release of each one, I've also been updating the official website with commentaries on the full Episode videos! We're up to 06 now, with 07 coming out next week!

I also started a little thing called "FLASH-back Friday", which fans of my old Newgrounds work will appreciate the most. Basically I'll re-uploading (in HD) a whole ton of my flash cartoons from the 2000's that helped spread around my name online for a long time. Stuff like Parody Rangers, Rawest Forest...and much more to come this summer!

Then finally, I've been updating each Saturday with Kirblogs as per the usual! Here's a recent one I did all about the recent "Zero Suit Samus controversy" that arose after the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU Direct happened a while back (followed by my updated thoughts about new and upcoming stuff about the game).

That's all the major stuff for now, but as always, there's much more to come. Thanks for stickin' with me as usual, folks! Stay tuned and hope you enjoy what's in store!!


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